Maia Martinez & David Salvatierra

Maia Martinez ~ David Salvatierra

Maia Martinez is founder, director, teacher and dancer of Dojo Dance Company & Hudson Valley Tango. Her dance background includes ballet, Argentine Tango, Latin Rhythms, Modern Jazz, Folk, Flamenco & belly dance. She is a DXF coach (Dance Cross Fitness), Groove Facilitator & Spanish Dances Certified instructor. She has performed in many important tango Festivals and Milongas as well as represented Argentina in International events. Maia’s also a Self-defense instructor and holds a 2nd degree Black belt in Shotokan Karate. Maia has become a Teaching Artist for Ballroom Basix in 2015 and has participated in 3 residencies in Hudson Valley, New York. David Salvatierra is co-founder and director/teacher of Dojo Dance Company. His range of dances include Argentine Tango and Latin Rhythms. David has been involved in the tango community as a teacher and performer for the last 7 years, extending his workshops and performances outside NY. His teaching methods have been improved for over a decade and reinforced with his teaching and training skills in martial arts, as a black belt in Karate. David has performed with several important orchestras, represented Argentina in international events, and participated as guest teachers in Argentine Tango Festivals and dance weekends.