Julio Bassan ~ Fernanda Ghi

Julio Bassan ~ Fernanda Ghi

Fernanda Ghi & Julio Bassan

With passion for the Argentine tango and more than 20 years of experience, we have gained international respect as dancers, teachers and innovators. Today life joins us through our journey. When we come together on the dance floor we experience authentic tango, comfortable, centered and positive. Although, we teach from different perspectives, we can communicate the same essence and deep feeling that joins us: the pure Argentine tango that is based on roles, musicality and the embrace.

Fernanda Ghi: is a true legend in the world of Argentine tango. Celebrated for her elegant style, unique interpretation, creative choreography and powerful command of the stage, she has toured internationally for over two decades. Her pedagogy is about making you to increase the quality of your dancing and the enjoyment of the dance with your partner. Work on using clear structure of basic elements to dance your tango.

Julio Bassan: is one of the six referents, appointed by the UN cultural organization, whose tasks are to maintain the conservation, boost the promotion and uphold the importance of tango in Argentina’s cultural history. He is a proponent of the old school of tango which maintains the dance decorum, the dress code, performance to live orchestra, and the elegant movements. Still, he gives some stylistic innovations.


You know something is missing in your tango, you know you are looking for the connective tissue to make everything you’ve been studying and dancing feel real.
These workshops with Fernanda and Julio give you the deeper understanding you’ve been craving.

In these workshops will work with you to create and harness impulse and translate that into Tango vocabulary. (Fernanda and Julio said)

“Tango is not about force or memorizing a set of steps. It’s about harnessing organic impulse and movement with your partner. “

Come ready to explore and learn with your partner and be ready to truly work outside the box.

Theme: Body Mechanics, Couple Dynamics + Communication.