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Marcelo Ros SATURDAY

Tango DJ Marcelo (Marce Ros)

Marcelo was born in Uruguay and lives in Tel Aviv, Israel where he has been a tango DJ since 2011.
As a devoted milonguero, Marcelo enthusiastically shares with the global tango community his passion for tango music for dancing.
Since 2015 Marcelo has been a regular DJ at encuentros, marathons, festivals and local milongas throughout the USA and Europe, and was the official DJ at the Argentine Tango USA Official Championship in San Jose, California, between 2020 and 2023, where he also taught a DJ workshop.
Marcelo has also been a DJ at leading milongas in Buenos Aires and Montevideo: Porteño y bailarín, Parakultural, La milonga de Lucy, Barajando, El chamuyo (Montevideo), among others.
Marcelo sensitively adjusts his music to match the energy of the milonga and on the dance floor. His music is very traditional and well balanced, maintaining a constant flow throughout the milonga.