Adam Hoopengardner

Adam Hoopengardner

Adam Hoopengardner has DJ’d on a tropical island, in a castle, on a ferry, and in a palace.
He has been Djing for over 15 years and has been constantly learning and growing along the way.

Adam believes the DJ is responsible for more than just the selection of the music and the order of the tandas.
The DJ creates the atmosphere of the party. The DJ is the party.

In over 15 years of playing at milongas around the world Adam has cultivated a style that will provide inspiring energy all evening.

He believes in DJing for everyone, every dancer, therefore he likes to play from different eras throughout the evening however always returning to the golden when the time is right.
No one can deny the perfect D’Arienzo tanda at the right moment.

Adam is a mainstay DJ in the New York City community and has spent countless hours being exposed to different styles of play from the milongas of Buenos Aires to the festivals and more local events in North America and Europe.

He won’t scare you too much but just enough to keep the night interesting.