Analia Carreño & Luis Ramirez
Choreographers, Masters, and dancers with nineteen years of professional
career as a couple and more than thirty years of dance background and
This multiple-styled artist has achieved identity and personality in their career,
an exquisite and perfect blend of high technique, dynamism, musicality and
authentic feeling of the intrinsic roots of Argentine Tango.
They have shone with legendary orchestras such as the Ernesto Franco
orchestra – bandoneon player of Juan Darienzo the king of compas
The Color Tango Orchestra by Roberto Alvarez – Bandoneonist by Osvaldo
with Pepe Colangelo's orchestra Pianist of Anibal Troilo
as well as with new orchestras such as El sexteto Milonguero – La romantica
milonguera – Solo Tango – Hyperion ensemble – Rascasuelos
 – Official Judges of the World Tango Championship, preliminaries
– Captain dancers and choreographers of the most important tango houses in
Buenos Aires as Señor Tango and Esquina Carlos Gardel.
 – premiered in Sao Paulo – Brazil for the official preliminary for world tango
championship in 2017/2018/2021
– Directors/Choreographers/ Producers of
CONJUROTANGO company, they toured seven cities in China at the major
opera theatres with a cast of twenty-six artists on stage. 
In 2021 they will launch SOULS OF TANGO, their new Tango Production with
15 artists on stage, this show was the first Tango theater big show after the
They were part of the cast of the famous CUMPARSITA by FOREVER
– Choreographers of the theatres Shows
​TANGOLOGY – Montreal – Canada
FIESTANGO – Queens – New York –
GOTHAM TANGO – Queens – USA Tribute to the Grammy winner Raul
SOULS OF TANGO – New York -USA Producers, directors, choreographers
VIVA EL TANGO – Queens – New York
TANGO MIRACLE in Tokyo – Japan
TANGOSTORY – Brazil – for the world tango championship

Creators/ directors and performers of this seventh thematic solo shows:
"Timeless","Tango Around the world","The shadow of Malevo" "Piazzolla’s
"All about tango""Movies""Stories about  Love and Tango"
 Premiered in Tokyo, Kumamoto, Fukuoka in Japan, Beijing and Shanghai in
China, Bali in Indonesia and Seoul in South Korea and Buenos Aires

Organizers of:
Tango Styles Competitions
Tango Road Milonga –
The Tango way – Gala Show – New Jersey – New York – Connecticut
New Jersey mini Tango Festival
Gold Coast Tango festival in the USA.

2023 – 200 years of relationship between Usa and Argentina Historic event
in New York City, the Argentine flag was raised for
the first time in history in the bowling green plaza – only Tango
couple from argentina
– Fiestango choreographers and dancers – Queens – NYC
Organizers of Tango Road Milonga in New Jersey – New York 2nd
The Tango Way Gala Show winter and summer edition
Larcom theatre boston – Santon the musical
Tangology – choreographers for a Canadian production premiered
in October 2023 in montreal
2022 -Organizers of Tango Road Milonga in New Jersey – New York
-Alabama Symphonyc orchestra
The Tango Way Gala Show winter and summer edition
Stardust Dance Festival, New york
-Tango Gotham – Choreographers and dancers
2021 – Creators of Back to Tango, The ultimate tango learning and teaching
2020 – SOULS OF TANGO – Producers, choreographers and directors
– VIVA EL TANGO – Queens – NY choreographers and dancers
– La Nacional – (Masterclass and master performance)
– Astoria Tango Club (masterclass and performance)
– 15 Years Anniversary tour – Japan – China – Australia – Indonesia
-Show with “Romantica Milonguera”orchestra, from Buenos Aires.
“West Hartford house of Heroes “,
-West Hartford Town Center
– Maluma’s video in NYC, “Que pena
– Stardust Dance Festival, New york
Astoria Tango Club – NY
La nacional – NYC
-Argentine Tango Directors at Hudson Dance studio
-Sakura Tango festival – Japan (Choreographers – Maestros)
-Golden Coast tango festival (Organizers and Maestros)
-New Jersey Mini Tango Festival (Organizers and Maestros)
-Workshops and performances at major Milongas in NYC: “La
Nacional”and “Astoria Tango Club”.
2018 – Señor Tango – Buenos Aires (Captain Dancers)
Tokyo Tango Festival – (Tango Masters)
Tango in Paradise – Tango Festival in Bali – (Tango Masters)
Beijing Tango Festival –China (Tango Masters and Main couple)

World tango championship Preliminary – Sao Paulo – ( Official
judges )
Tango Story show (Directors and choreographers)
2017 – Señor Tango (Dance Captains) – Official judges of the preliminary Sao
Brazil for the tango world championships
Tango Story Show – Directors and Choreographers – Beijing Ater
Tango Festival – China (Masters)
Tango Miracle – Tokyo (Choreographers and Dancers) – Sakura
Tango Festival – Japan (Choreographers and Dancers)
Núremberg Tango Festival – Germany (Masters – Dancers) Munich –
Fabrica Tanguera (Master – Dancers)
Master exhibitions at "La Baldosa"- "Salon Canning" "Maldita
Milonga”, the best traditional milongas in BuenosAires.
2016 – 14th Taipéi Tango Festival (Masters – Dancers)
Asia Tango Tour,(Masters and Dancers) (Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing,
Shanghái, Saigón, Malaysia)
Buenos Aires Bicentennial show at Teatro Colon (Dancers )
Bs As Milonga Exhibitions: Salón Canning Maldita Milonga, Tango
2015- Tokyo 2015 special workshops – Beijing 2015 Ater tango anniversary –
Shanghai Tango Bang Anniversary
Dili, 2nd Tango Festival 2015 – Manila, 7th Tango Festival 2015 – Kota
Kinabalu Tango encounter
4th Kuala Lumpur Encounter – 10th Tango Festival Bali -Sakura Tango
Festival 2015 – Fukuoka – Japan
Show Esquina Carlos Gardel 2015 – Buenos Aires
2014 – Manila Tango Festival and Championship (Judges and Masters)
Tour Philippines: Manila, Cebu, Bacolod and San Fernando
Special week Ater Tango Tango, Beijing, China – Sakura Tango
Festival 2014, Fukuoka Japan
Show Esquina Carlos Gardel 2014 – Tango Secrets Festival – Buenos
2013 – Esquina Carlos Gardel (Buenos Aires) Sydney Little Buenos Aires
Studio 13th Anniversary Melbourne "PuroTango"
Tasmania Tango club -7th TangoBlitz, Manila – Singapore 6th Tango
festival 6th – 1st tango encounter Brunei
8th Tango festival Bali -Manila 2013- 5th Tango Festival – Tango
Miracle Tokyo (Choreographers)
2012 – Tiempo Iberoamericano, Fukuoka – Tokyo Tango city – Kuala Lumpur
tango encounter
2nd Shanghai Tango Festival – Isla de salsa festival- Fukuoka,Japan –
7th Tango festival Bali
4th Manila Tango festival – Zamboanga tango encounter
2011 – Festival"CONJUROTANGO" A New Story About Tango …China tour,
Beijing-Dalian-Shanghai-Suzhou-Nanjing-Hangzhou (Producers /
Creators / Directors and Choreographers)
1st Shanghai Tango "Destino de arrabal" Tango show at Velma Café –
Asia Tour Korea / Japan / China
2010 – Concert with Pablo Zinger from New York (Main dancers ) –

Señor Tango show –
Daejeon Korea Tango Festival (Tango)
Asia Tour Korea / Japan / China – JapanTour (Tiempo
2009 – Shanghai Tour "Conjurotango Company" (La Cabana, Buenos Aires)
Brazil Tour (Señor Tango)
2008 – Tanguera musical -Spain – Germany
2007- Tanguera musical – Germany -Russia
2006 – Señor Tango – Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005 – Conjurotango – TANGUERA THE MUSICAL Mexico – Chile
2004 – TANGUERA THE MUSICAL – Buenos aires