Hudson Valley Tango Festival 2018 Program

Friday May 4th

10am – Walking Drills.  Maia & David. (All Levels)  $16

Info: From walking to the incorporation of pivots, “ochos’ and “traspie”. Learn exercises that will improve your balance, coordination & rhythm. No partner needed.

Time: 10-10:50am

Level: All

Teachers: Maia Martinez & David Salvatierra

Cost: Now $16 / door $20

10am – Honing the Mental Edge of your Dance. Dr. Inessa. (All Levels) $16

Info: Learn to use your subconscious mind to easily upgrade your Tango and connect more!

No Partner needed.


Time: 10-10:50

Level: All

Dr: Inessa Zaleski

11am – Cross & Parallel Systems.  Ellen & Maggie.  (Beg/Int) $16

Info: These two systems are few of the most important elements where you dance is built. Joining this class will show you the value of mastering your walk in both positions.


Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Teachers: Ellen Chrystal & Maggie Griffin

Cost: $16 / door $20

11am – Colgadas Combinadas.  Fabian & Lola (Master) $25

Info: Being off Axis. Whether you want to learn your first “colgada”  or  master your technique Fabian & Lola are the Maestros to go to! Their combinations are beyond fabulous.

Time: 11am-12:15pm

Level: Intermediate/Advanced.

Teachers: Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz

Cost: $25/Door $30

*Partner strongly suggested for this workshop. Rotations won’t be mandatory in this exclusive session. This is not a class for beginners.

1pm –  Tango Nuevo? Defining Tango. Fabian & Lola. (All Levels) $20 

Info: What is exactly Tango Nuevo? What makes it Nuevo? What makes it Tango? Defining the freedom and limits.  Elements for “Tango Nuevo”.

Time: 1-2:15pm

Level: All

Teachers: Fabian Salas & Lola Diaz

Cost: Now $20 / door $25

2:15pm – 50/50 Practica. DJ Viva Feiner. $10

Info: Join this session and practice what you just learned. This space is appropriate for practicing pronounced Volcadas, colgadas, ganchos, etc.

Time: 2:15-4:15pm.

Dj:  Viva Feiner

Level: All

Cost: Now $10 / door $15

4:30pm – “Ending the Tango”.  Junior & Guadalupe. (All Levels) $20

Info: There are very interesting ways to end the Tango. Best one is on the right note!

Have you ever wonder where to use those beautiful but simple “Tango poses”? Learn few endings for your Tango Salon.

Time: 4:30-5:45pm

Level: All

Teachers: Junior Cervila & Guadalupe Garcia

Cost: Now $20 / door price $25

8pm – Milonga de Bienvenida.  DJ Ilene Marder. $25

Info: This is the Opening of our Festival. We are welcoming you all with arms wide open!

Join us, as we open the dance floor with all the Tango Masters and the wonderful Local Maestros.


DJ: Ilene Marder “La Rubia del Norte”

Cost: $25

*Note: Light refreshments and small bites will be provided during the Milonga